A saltless Peanut Butter Tale

So a few people have asked me why is there no salt in Reginald's Peanut Butters. Well there are a few reasons for the lack of salt.  The easy answer is I just don't like salt. While very true it's a cop-out. The truth of the matter is what would salt really add to our Peanut Butters? I firmly believe we as a society have forgotten how certain foods (if not all foods) should taste. Now I'm not saying that salt doesn't have it's place in the culinary world. Without question it does. What I am saying is we have been conditioned to eating things such as peanut butter that are ladened with salt and other preservatives. Peanut Butter should taste like it's given name. Peanuts!! The greatest compliment I have gotten from so many people is that Reginald's Peanut Butter tastes like peanuts.  That's the goal. You can find the true essence of the peanut in Reginald's Original Roast Creamy and Original Roast Crunchy. All that's needed is the "Golden Peanut", no salt required.  Remember peanut butter should taste like peanuts, not a box of salt(much more on my issues with salt at a later date). As always everday is a good day for peanut butter. -Andrew

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