Some News Over The Last Few Weeks

Sorry for the length between posts. The nut butter world is all consuming. Ha ha. Anyway just wanted to post and catch up on a few items. First off looking back on Broad Appetit. Again it was a wonderful event and Reginald's received some great press. A huge thank you to Gabbys Gluten Free. Gabby has a great blog with lots of wonderful information. If you have some time check it out, you won't be disappointed. She wrote a great review of the event, especially about Reginald's. Here is the post. Thanks again. Secondly check back early next week. We should be announcing a great partnership with another local company that will make one particular peanut butter truly world class. Very exciting stuff. Also we may be announcing some new additions to the Reginald's selections. There are some amazing nut butters in the pipeline, just deciding which ones to roll out first. 

More to come.....

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