Reginald's Looks Good In Pink

So here we are, October. October has become a very special month at Reginald's. A lot of you all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For most years I didn't give two thoughts about the meaning of the month. A few years ago my mom (who also happens to be my partner at Reginald's) was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was only then did I start thinking about that evil disease. I had no idea how many people breast cancer affected. When I saw the statistics it was overwhelming.

In the back of my mind (long before Reginald's became a reality) I said if I could do my part in any way I would. Well the time has arrived. For the entire month of October the website will be Pink. We also have turned our Original Creamy Label Pink. The label looks amazing (only cause of the brilliance of Dave Hedeman). It's really perfect. The Pink Creamy Jar will be sold for $10 at every event we do in October (there are a bunch) and online. $5 of every jar sold will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

We have 500 labels on hand. My goal is to have to order 500 more labels well before the end of the month. We will also offer while supplies last a limited number of Pink Reginald's hats and visors ($10 of each sold will also be donated). I can venture to say that everyone out there knows somebody affected by this disease. Every $5 or $10 donation will add up. Please help Reginald's and turn Pink too. This is for the women and all the families that have been affected by Breast Cancer. My hope is that one day nobody will have to lose their fight. Let's do our part to make that a reality.  



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