Cleaning out the notebook

Sorry guys, been a while since I posted.  You know how it is in the peanut butter (and currently cashew) world.  Just wanted to update everyone on what's been going on. We have a few new retail locations to add to the Reginald's world.

  1. Libbie Market:  A staple in Richmond, Va.  Former Joe's Market they continue to carry on great service and wonderful products.  They are the first location to carry all Original 8 flavors.
  2. Cooper Vineyards:  A great Vineyard and Winery located in Louisa, Va.  It's located between Richmond and C-Ville.  The have an awesome selections of wines and carry some of Reginald's more decadent flavors.
  3. Omni Resort Bedford Springs:  Stop on the way to Pittsburgh.  Check it out. Great spot, great golf, very relaxing and Reginald's rocking in the Gourmet Shop.
  4. Mrs. Bryants:  Taking a trip to Williamsburg.  Stop in to Mrs. Bryants Specialty and pick up a few jars.  They do a great job of promoting local Virginia goods.  
  5. Also just in the last few days Reginald's joined forces with Relay Foods.  They have asked us to part of their Richmond and Charlottesville locations.  Very exciting stuff.  They are a great company that strives to promote local products.  Please click on their website and find out all about them.  It's truly the wave of the future and Reginald's is thrilled to be a part.
Besides all that great news our 2 new flavors Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Molasses Cashew Butter both made their maiden voyage a few Sundays ago at the Virginia Food and Wine Festival.  Both flavors were a smashing success as was the festival.  We met a ton of new people and picked up a bunch of new fans.  Thanks to everyone who came out!!  Back to the new flavors.  Both are now available to order on the website and will be available at every event we do. Finally we have been working very hard to make our shipping rates more affordable.  The end is in sight.  We have found a solution and shortly it will be implemented on the website.  As soon as we do you all will be the first to know.  Look forward to getting Reginald's to every state in the country then beyond.  Again thanks to everyone for the amazing support, the best is yet to come.  



Happy Birthday Reginald!!

It's a very special day here in the land of Peanut Butter. The namesake of our company one Reginald Charles would have been 19 today.  For those of you who don't know Reginald (Reggie) was a very sweet, full of himself, sometimes a little off, Cock-a-Poo. Although he had quite a few issues (probably being generous there) he was a great boy and certainly deserving of having a company named after him. I spilled a tablespoon of Reginald's Original Crunchy today in honor of good old Reggie. So Reg wherever you may be(there is a family dispute as to whether he really went up) have a great birthday and remember we named the company to honor you so please play nice. Back to the world of peanut butter....


Did somebody say Honeybee?

I'm not talking about the Blake Shelton song (although we here at Reginald's are big fans). Nope I'm talking about actual honey bees. Hands down the best honey in Virginia comes from a farm not far from Richmond called Bearer Farms. Reginald's is now lucky enough to be using an amazing local product for all of our peanut butters that contain honey. As of this moment we have one, Nana Honey, but there just may be somemore in the future.  Spread the word, eat some peanut butter, enjoy some of life's simple pleasures. Again thanks for everyone's support, it's been tremendous. Just remember we haven't  even scratched the surface.......

-Andrew (by the way if someone knows Blake Shelton, just sayin)

Some News Over The Last Few Weeks

Sorry for the length between posts. The nut butter world is all consuming. Ha ha. Anyway just wanted to post and catch up on a few items. First off looking back on Broad Appetit. Again it was a wonderful event and Reginald's received some great press. A huge thank you to Gabbys Gluten Free. Gabby has a great blog with lots of wonderful information. If you have some time check it out, you won't be disappointed. She wrote a great review of the event, especially about Reginald's. Here is the post. Thanks again. Secondly check back early next week. We should be announcing a great partnership with another local company that will make one particular peanut butter truly world class. Very exciting stuff. Also we may be announcing some new additions to the Reginald's selections. There are some amazing nut butters in the pipeline, just deciding which ones to roll out first. 

More to come.....

Thank you to all the Reginald's Fans!!

Wow!  What a great day at Broad Appetite. I knew how many people really liked peanut butter (and one amazing cashew butter), but didn't realize how many people LOVE peanut butter (and that amazing cashew butter). The response to Reginald's was tremendous. Big thanks to everyone that stopped by to taste, buy, or just say hello. We will be out and about alot in the near future. Thanks again, much bigger things to come in the future......


A saltless Peanut Butter Tale

So a few people have asked me why is there no salt in Reginald's Peanut Butters. Well there are a few reasons for the lack of salt.  The easy answer is I just don't like salt. While very true it's a cop-out. The truth of the matter is what would salt really add to our Peanut Butters? I firmly believe we as a society have forgotten how certain foods (if not all foods) should taste. Now I'm not saying that salt doesn't have it's place in the culinary world. Without question it does. What I am saying is we have been conditioned to eating things such as peanut butter that are ladened with salt and other preservatives. Peanut Butter should taste like it's given name. Peanuts!! The greatest compliment I have gotten from so many people is that Reginald's Peanut Butter tastes like peanuts.  That's the goal. You can find the true essence of the peanut in Reginald's Original Roast Creamy and Original Roast Crunchy. All that's needed is the "Golden Peanut", no salt required.  Remember peanut butter should taste like peanuts, not a box of salt(much more on my issues with salt at a later date). As always everday is a good day for peanut butter. -Andrew

How Reginald’s came to be.

My name is Andrew and I was born and raised in Richmond Virginia. I spent seven years of my life in the restaurant industry. I loved the job but wasn't a big fan of the lifestyle. As somebody who was vastly overweight my entire life I realized my job wasn’t helping matters. About three and a half years ago, I decided enough was enough. I woke up February 3, 2008 and made a shift. At first it was just small changes, which soon lead to bigger changes. Before I knew it, I had lost over half my body weight. I rededicated my life to my passions: fitness and nutrition. I'm currently a personal trainer and I love the work and my clients. Once I lost weight my taste in food changed. I became increasingly obsessed with peanuts (saltless of course) and peanut butter. Which brings us to Reginald's. 

I quickly realized that nothing really satisfied my need and quest for the perfect peanut butter. So, once day, I started messing around in the kitchen. Before you know it my hobby became a profession. Yes, I consider myself a peanut (and various other nut) butter expert. Do what you do and do it well, right? Well, if I do say so myself, I do peanut butter very well.

It should be known that I’m not alone in this venture. My partner in crime happens to be my mom, Lois. She is a former nursery school teacher turned yoga instructor (we enjoy being active), and she also shares my issues with peanut butter. (Ok, so maybe those issues don't run quite as deep as mine, but... anyway back to my mom.) She is a very detail-oriented woman—which is perfect cause I can be all over the map. So as far as a partner goes we are a perfect match. Another thing you should know about my Mom is what I would say is her greatest accomplishment in life: beating breast cancer. I'm quite proud of her will and determination in her battle. That’s why, in honor of my mom, other survivors and especially those who have lost the fight against breast cancer, Reginald's will have several sale drives throughout the year with a portion of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

And there’s one more part of the story: Reginald. The name of the company comes from our second family dog, Reginald.  Reginald was a regal, full of himself, one of a kind cockapoo. Yep, a 25 pound monster (in the best way possible), good ole Reg thought of himself much more as a person than dog. I’m pretty positive there are not many in the animal kingdom liked Reginald and I felt there was no better way to honor the little man than name our company after him. Thus, Reginald's Homemade.

So that’s us! As we continue to grow I’m sure I’ll be posting more stories (mostly about peanut butter) that will hopefully let you in on the behind the scenes action. Feel free to drop us a line or a comment and let us know how we’re doing. Or, if you need a Peanut Butter Anonymous sponsor, I’m definitely the right man for the job. Until next time, Andrew