About Reginald's

Do peanuts come from peanut butter? For most of us, a love of peanut butter began in childhood. So it’s fitting that it was a child who posed this question to us. Of course, we know the answer. But turn that question on its ear, and the answer becomes less clear: Does peanut butter come from peanuts?

We’re not sure the answer has always been yes. But it sure as heck is now.

We craft Reginald’s Homemade using only the finest natural ingredients—and very few of them. Starting with a lovable legume that carries a proud history: The Virginia peanut. (We think it’s the greatest known to mankind.) Deliciously roasted, of course. Then we add a smidge of oil. Just enough. And we’re done.

That is, unless, you want to take your adventure to peanut butter Nirvana just a bit farther to places like Apple Sin, Nana Honey, Hazelnut Amaretto, or White Chocolate Macadamia. Here, you’ll find only real fruit and natural extracts. No added salt. No preservatives. Ever.

Same goes for our other lovable butters, like cashew.

So dig in. Lick your knife. Scoop with a spoon. Dip your fingers (or a friend’s). When you’re done, we guarantee you’ll have the cleanest peanut butter jar you’ve ever seen.

The Aztecs discovered it. George Washington Carver popularized it. Reginald's Homemade perfected it.

For the love of peanut butter.